Three close friends, Jesse Raub Jr., Cody Nicholson, and Cody Johnson, began their adventures  in 2009 on their now annual trip to Dillard, Nebraska. In trade for a 12 pack of Texas brewed Shiner beer, a local farmer allowed them the chance to hunt on his 4000 acre ranch.  The success of that trip led to many more hunting and fishing trips in the years following.  Over a campfire in 2011 their wives asked simply "Why don't you do this for a living?"  No one could come up with a reasonable answer, so over a few beers Tres Amigos Hunting Company was created.


  The three are considered experts in both the hunting and angling worlds.  They have competed in fishing tournaments all over Texas including the Bass Champs Series, and have experience hunting all types of exotics with rifles, pistols, and bows.  Don't miss their annual "Ram Slam Bownanza" with Larry Pancake at the Rock Hill Hunting Ranch.


  You may have heard of these characters in the country music world- both Jesse Raub Jr. And Cody Johnson run their own touring bands that travel extensively throughout the US whenever they are not hunting or fishing.  Cody Nicholson is a behind-the-scenes man, helping Jesse and Cody run the business side of their musical endeavors.  Take a look at their musical lives through these links:


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